New York Could Soon Become Last State Where Mixed Martial Arts Is Outlawed

Here’s the expanded version of my story from today’s paper:

The Connecticut state Legislature gave final approval yesterday to a bill to legalize mixed martial arts, an act that could soon make New York the last state where the popular — but violent — sport is still outlawed.

The Connecticut Senate overwhelmingly passed the measure 26-9 following a previous vote by the House of Representatives.

The bill will soon go to Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy whose spokeswoman would say only that “the governor will review this bill carefully when it gets to his desk.”

In New York, the state Senate has repeatedly passed a bill to legalize the controversial sport only to see it die in the Assembly.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has said he expects the bill will eventually pass his house, but hasn’t said if this is the year.

Sources have said this year is unlikely, particularly given strong opposition from women’s groups and key female legislators close to Silver who are still upset over his handling of the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal.

The Assembly Democratic majority next week is set to discuss whether allow the bill tot he floor for a vote before the legislative session ends.

“I know New York likes to think of itself as a leader but when it comes to the fastest growing sport in the nation, New York is now the only outlier,” said Lorenzo Feritta, head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship league.



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3 Responses to New York Could Soon Become Last State Where Mixed Martial Arts Is Outlawed

  1. hacken2013 says:

    As much as I admire NY for adhering to what they think is in the best interest of their people, they are simply uneducated on this topic, in my opinion. MMA is a sport, not a violent street fight. It is a sport that looks very violent, and in cases of bad refs and poor sportsmanship, it can become violent instead of sportsmanlike.

    Just like:

    (ok, just kidding on the last one 😉 )

  2. For a city that is such a trend setter it is amazing this is happening.

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